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Dr. Natalia Gerula

Dr. Natalia Gerula
Dr. Natalia Gerula
Immunologer, hudläkare

Immunologer, hudläkare


Graduated from The Mechnikov Leningrad Medical Institute (now it is Mechnikov St. Petersburg State Medical Academy) with Physician specialty. Studied at the Latvian University Medical Faculty. Certified immunologist and dermatologist by Latvian Medical Association.
Has wide, many years’ experience in the field of immunology, dermatology, cosmetology, venereology.

Uppgradering av utbildning

Member of The Latvian associations of dermatovenerologists, immunologists, cosmetologists.


Meddelande för patienterna

Consult patients:
• with immunodeficiencies;
• often ill;
• with autoimmune pathology (including mucous membranes, skin, Alopecia areata etc.)
• with opportunistic infections (herpes groups, Epstein–Barr virus (EBV), papillomatosis, chronic urogenital infections - chlamydia, urea- and mycoplasmosis);
• with allergic dermatoses and atopy.

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