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What's new at iVF Riga clinic?

IVF Riga
Our clinic successfully continues its daily work, despite the fact that many employees were sent to a 14-day quarantine due to the case of COVID-19 has been detected at the clinic.

Thursday, July 30, is coming – the day when all staff will take control tests. Keep your fingers crossed so everyone gets back to the clinic and keep working on Friday at full strength!

And yet – dear patients! If you want to get to us in time and get the cherished pregnancy as soon as possible, please do not expose your beloved doctors to additional danger at this difficult time!

We strongly recommend that all accompanying persons stay outside the clinic - in the lobby, in the car, at home waiting for good news...
Let's take care of ourselves and the close ones, and especially of the clinic team! Remember that your health and your dream of becoming parents depend on our well-coordinated work!